Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scene 4-5-6

For the forth 5th and 6th scene i wanted them all to be smoothly transitioned together. So far throughout the animation i have not showed the villagers face in order to create suspense. I wanted to create a scene showing the front of the villager, then pan into his serious looking face, giving the viewer a first glimpse at the man.

This was my first try at scene 4, a front shot of the villager, from within the food stall, this is what i planned, however i felt it looked boring and uninteresting. I decided to redo the image and created a new concept art.

I created the image from a kind of fish eye lens view. My idea was that this view is the kind of view a monster might have, and i perceived it to be looking at the man as a monster, as this is what i am trying to trick the audience into believing, however you could also view it as, the man is not the monster as he is being viewed by the eye off the monster.

I am much happier with this image over the initial one, I split the image into separate layers in order to place into 3d space, i also created the eyes in the forest so that they could blink, this allows us to feel like there are unknown things lurking in the forest. from here i will zoom into the mans face, and subtly replace the image with another, a close up of the mans face, this is a technique i had learned in Specialist Study 1, so i will be putting this into practice.

From here i wanted to pan out, and reveal the villager salivating at the sight off all the food, at this stage it is meant to be revealed that this man is not the monster, and just a hungry villager!

This was my plan, i wanted saliva flying out of the screen and tears running from the mouth of the Villager. I then changed my plan and decided to have saliva dribbling out of his mouth, i wanted to create another looped animation like that off my flame loop.

I generally knew what i was going to do for the dribble, however this scene from Dragonball, summed up what i wanted to do.

I also decided to change up my background, i wanted to emphasize that the man is non threatening, and so i transition to a bright blue coloured background, (blue being a trustful colour) I also Incorporated comic styled lines coming from behind the villager. This grouped together with the blue background, just add to emphasize that the man is not the monster that i had previously been talking about

For the transition between this scene and the previous scene (the zoomed up close up off the face) i needed to turn the villagers face too an angle, i originally began by animating 4 frames to turn the characters head.

However upon doing this i was not satisfied with the result. I ended up discovering "Speed Lines". I Ended up attempting this affect and found it to be success full.

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