Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scene 3 - Food Stall

For my third scene i planned on having my villager walk up to a stall full with delicious Chinese food!

I looked at a variety of different images in order to gain inspiration and ideas on designing the food stall. As my scene is set long in the past i wanted the stall to be made of wood and so i looked through a variety of Chinese village images and drawings.

One image that instantly came to my mind was the village from the film "Spirited Away",  i used this as a base reference when creating my own stall.

I began by constructing my own food stall using images from the internet, and composting them together, i also included my some of my own drawings such as the red roof.

I continued to construct my image, i designed to included some objects that i planned to move in the wind, such as the tree leaves, the lights and the red sign made of cloth.

Next i had to colour correct the image and create my neat version, i also need to create all of the food on the table itself.

I look at a number of cartoon Chinese foods. I mainly looked for cartoon versions of Chinese food, as these would probably be more recognizable to the viewer as Chinese then what i could recreate by looking at  genuine food. When i think of Chinese food i think of plenty of colours and lots of variety!

I created each dish of food individually, this allowed me to rearrange the order to create the best look. I also took a lot of time in creating the wood to make it look realistic. As well as the lights and trees that i will leave on separate layers, i also created small tassels at the bottom off the roof that will move with the wind to create more realism.

Scene 2-3 Transition

I want to transition the two scenes together, by cleverly using the leaves flying across the screen as a screen wipe. 

To complete the illusion, i will make it so that the very beginning of scene 3 after the transition is still windy like in scene 2, where the leaves are blowing across the screen and the screen is shaky. This should create a cool effect as it will help blend the two scenes together.

This tutorial helped me learn how to use the marking tool in after effects.

Finally i animated the villagers first scene, he walks past the camera and up to the food stall. I used my girlfriend as a video reference when creating the animation.

Line Test

I felt that my line test looked good, however upon neatening up and shading in the animation, it was revealed to me that the walk was very jumpy, i ended up fine tuning the frames many times in order to get a smoother walk.

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