Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scene 2 - Over the Bridge

For my second scene i wanted to transition into it by zooming into scene 1. I wanted the scene to be a close up of the bridge from the first scene, which will also allow me to reveal more of the village from a different angle.

This is my rough drawing, i tried to capture the lighting and the angled shot of the scene correctly, i also attempted to replicate a technique called "Bokeh" which is what happens when a background becomes so blurry that it becomes blobs of light, i feel that bokeh looks its best when light sources are blurred. But im not a camera man so this is all just my opinion.....

I wanted to create the image of the bridge to make it seem like the audience is now entering the village, in the background you can make out a forest and a Chinese looking building.

This is my final composition.

As you can see it is a lot neater, i am pleased with the result however, i was unable to generate the same power that i created in the draft, i was unable to recreate the long dark grass towards the bottom of the screen, and the "Bokeh" is much more subtle as i felt it was too over powering, Perhaps when my digital drawing skills progress i will be able to include the closer grass in order to give the image more depth. From here i will insert my flame loop onto the wooden sticks beside the stream, i will also add leaves blowing in the wind and i will make the screen wobble in order to make the scene appear windy.

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