Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Flame Loop Creation

I needed to crate a flame animation loop for my animation, i wanted to create a detailed version as in scene 2 of my animation the flames are seen much closer than in scene 1. I decided to take my first steps into using the program adobe flash, i figured that i would use it in replace of using a light box as traditional animators would use, it took me a while to figure out the basics however having used photoshop and after effects alot more i picked the basics us shorly.

I began by looking at a flame cycle in order to figure out how a flame can be animated.

This is my line drawing flame test. I was pleased with the results, it took a few attempts but it looks good, I then imported the image as png sequence into photoshop, and re-created the flame in colour and neat.

This is the final version of the flame, however the version i actually used was a png sequence and not a video.
I then looped the sequence and placed it on top of the wooden sticks beside the bridge.

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