Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scene 7

For the next scene i wanted to design a path through the forest that the villager would walk through, As the man left the scene the camera would pan back to reveal the monster hidden in the bushes.

I began by creating a concept art for my scene.

My original concept looked pretty good, obviously the colours arent correct in order for the scene to be perceived as night time however i would colour correct afterwards, i needed to create the scene extra wide so that i would be able to slowly pan across the scene in after effects.

I then proceded to neaten and colour correct the image, i am fairly pleased with the image however, unlike my other scenes, parts of this scene are outlined in black, i will eventually edit most of this out, however i feel some of it is necessary as if it did not have a defined outline it would be hard to distinguish the closer parts of the environment to the further parts.

My next stage for this scene was to create a walk cycle, i used another video i captured myself for basic referencing.

This was my result, which i was kind of pleased with, however the colours did not fit with my composition, i ended up editing the colour of the man to be completely black. Upon reviewing the animation it was apparent to me that it wasnt as realistic as i had desired.

I ended up redoing the walk, this time i used a existing walk cycle in order to reference the stages in the walk.

I was much more satisfied with this result, it looks a lot more alike to my character, and i increased the amount of frames so that the walk was slower and looked more realistic.

I also needed to animate the monster turning his head to face the camera, i wanted it to appear that it was watching the villager, and then turns its head to view the audience.

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