Thursday, 6 December 2012

Specialist Study 1 - Link Scene

I next wanted to create an animation based of the of the world of zelda. I got this idea after i viewed an animation on vimeo that i particularly liked, as this animation showcased the animators skills in creating a simple but effective landscape

I wanted to create my own animation similar to this style, using 3D space in order to bring the animation to life, and also to investigate a little into how to create my landscape and make it more visually appealing and realistic. I want to look at things such as colour and depth of focus and how this effects the animation.

I wanted the scene to look as if it was in the style of a paper cutout animation.

I somehow discovered this animation on youtube whilst looking for animations similar to the style that i wanted to create. What i like is how the drawings are simple, but are nicely coloured and textured, and when  layered together in 3d space create the illusion that makes me feel like i am in the jungle. 

After i sketched and planned out what i was going to do, i cut out a number of shapes in coloured sugar paper that i would scan and use in my own animation.

After scanning these images into the computer i began constructing my scene into photoshop.

I initially created my character, each thing you see is a different layer in preparation for animating on after effects.

I then tried creating the landscape however i was displeased with the look, i liked the left section of the image however the right seemed very wrong and also the colours lacked the vibrancy 
 and brightness that i wanted to portrait. 

I then gathered a number of images from the internet that i felt could help me design a better landscape, and the help aid in keeping with the zelda theme .

I also looked at this video for inspirations on my lansdcape and in particular the mountains

From all of this i was able to create an image that i was much more pleased with 

The colour scheme is alot better in the image. The colours are alot more vibrant and more fitting towards the zelda theme. I am also a lot more pleased with the right side and the background of the image. I also incorporated some trees that i will animate to look very close to the screen and to possible use a blur effect to create depth of focus whilst doing this ..

I looked at some explanations into depth of field however most of them were to do with photography.

This is my final animation, i used blur to create DoF, on objects that are either very close to the camera or very far away depending on other variable that are in place. I was pleased with my results. Unfortunately for some reason the ending is slightly corrupt however this occurs whenever i render the video and is not on the actual project file in after effects.

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